• Who can benefit from the services of a Precision trainer?

    Anyone who is serious about his/her health, fitness, or sports performance goals will benefit from our personal training. Studies show that clients exercising with a personal trainer achieved their goals in half the time!

  • When & how often will I meet with my Precision trainer?

    Each exercise session will be scheduled to fit your busy schedule. You can exercise as often as you like with your trainer or as little as once a month so that your trainer can make a few adjustments to your program and help you stay on track. For optimal results, we recommend you start with two or three personal training sessions per week.

  • Why do I need a trainer?

    First, a certified Precision trainer will design a safe, time-efficient program which will meet your specific needs. Second, having a Precision trainer will force you to be more consistent in scheduling time to exercise. Thirdly, a Precision trainer will raise your workout intensity to a level which you will seldom, if ever, attain on your own.

  • What are some typical objectives that a trainer will have for a client?

    Typical objectives include body shaping, body fat reduction, inch loss, better sports performance, increased muscle size, greater endurance, decreased back and joint pain, and better mobility.

  • Where will I train?

    Our training company is based out of Powerhouse Fitness in Huntsville, AL. The gym environment is extremely friendly, high energy, and motivating.

  • How can I get started on one of your programs?

    You have two options available to you. You can call Precision Personal Training or email us with your contact information. We offer a complimentary initial consultation which allows you to learn more about our programs, and allows us to meet you and discuss your goals.

For questions call us: (256) 361-9164